Environmental awareness

Lemförder Electronic GmbH products make a significant contribution to mobility worldwide. For this reason, the company has the responsibility of reducing the burden on natural resources, and of continuously improving the environmental compatibility of its products and services throughout the entire life cycle.

Lemförder Electronic GmbH sets out environmental and energy policy principles in its corporate policy and provides the information and resources required to reach these goals.


We are committed to eco-friendly product design

We design products to be as energy and resource-efficient as possible. Our striving for technological innovations and excellent solutions also includes environmentally friendly product design. We are convinced that our innovative strength in terms of environmental issues contributes to our competitiveness.

We reduce the environmental impact of our business processes to a minimum

We design our processes to be as energy and resource-efficient as possible and reduce environmental pollution by our activities to a minimum. We take appropriate actions to ensure that environmental hazards are prevented and limited in the event of an incident. To this end, we use environmentally-friendly technologies for our investments. In particular, we actively support the worldwide climate protection efforts.

We continuously improve our energy utilization and environmental efforts

We implement our environmental and energy objectives worldwide with the help of appropriate management systems, we regularly review the agreed performance levels, and, if any discrepancy is detected, we take the necessary remedial action. For Corporate Development projects, we perform environmental risk assessments.

We strive to be a worldwide role model

We want to be a role model in the way we interact with the environment and its resources. In order to meet our claims, we not only comply with the respectively applicable legal requirements but also work on the worldwide implementation of ZF-internal standards.

We actively involve employees, suppliers, service providers, and customers and engage in dialog with the authorities and society

We involve our employees in the development and implementation of our environmental and energy policy. We train and motivate them regularly; our employees actively contribute to shaping our environmental protection and energy management. Our suppliers and service providers are expected to comply with the respectively applicable environmental and energy specifications; from our suppliers with processes especially relevant to the environment, we demand a certified environmental management system. When dealing with environmental and climate protection issues, we engage in a dialog with the authorities and all parties interested on site. Furthermore, we report regularly on the outcome of our efforts.

Strategy and objectives

Resource conservation and the responsible use of natural resources underpin the environmental strategy of Lemförder Electronic GmbH. This strategy is based on the environmental policy adopted by ZF that applies worldwide to all locations.

As part of the company's environmental policy, a company objective in the field of climate protection concerning the reduction of energy consumption and CO₂ emissions was issued: By 2020, 20 percent less CO₂ should be generated worldwide compared to the average figure between 2006 and 2010. We are planning to meet this target by improving energy efficiency at the locations and increasing the share of renewable energy in the overall energy supply.

Environmental and energy policy

We respect our planet's natural source of life and are committed to resource conservation and the reduction of environmental pollution. This commitment to sustainable environmental protection is anchored in the LE Corporate Principles and is the basis of our work.

Energy management

Lemförder Electronic aims to continually reduce its specific energy consumption. To achieve this objective, the key performance indicator energy consumption per sales is controlled within the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.


ISO 14001:2004